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  ROOF / HUDA SHAARAWI STREET  (video loop 3'57'' / Cairo, December 2012) watch the video >>

Huda Shaarawi was an important Egyptian feminist in the first part of 20th century in the whole Arabic area.  The couple had their Cairo residence in these days in the street which is named after her. The video was made during the Mursi Government which was connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. They wanted to rename the street and even eliminate Huda Shaarawi from the history and school books.
The video performance took place on the roof of their residential building. The night before there was a burning on the roof of the neighbour house.
In the video the couple is playing quitly a toi version of the tarditional Rababa instrument.
The sounds they made by these childrens toi instruments are scarcely audible while from below, the typical Cairo street noise filtered through.



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