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  BURULLUS / REED (video 17'23'' / October 2012) watch the video >>

The works ABU MAHARAQ/ DESERT WASHING, BURULLUS, AL BURJ/ PLANTING, MEHWAR AL MONIP/ CAMEL TRAVEL, CHAMPOLLION/ WHITE PIGEONS, were made for an exhibition in Gezira Art Centre in Cairo. Men and women in Eygpt are often valued and treated very unequally. To oppose the common behaviour towards women the primary concern for this exhibition was, amongst others, the appreciation and accentuation of female dignity and feminity. This happened for example by simply exchanging the usual role allucations.

A brackish water lake in the Nile River delta, located at the Mediterranean coast between Alexandria and Damietta.
There, in addition to fishing and boatbuilding, people are cutting, bundling and consigning reed for the fabrication of  fences to protect oases gardens from wind, sand and sun.
The video is playing with the natural and spiritual power of woman, while the man is as a guardian in the background.

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